Arjun Krishna

1 minute read

I was going through a course to learn react and noticed in the video that the instructor is using some terminal which can be updated with plugins in realtime.

I gave Hyper terminal a spin. It is available for multiple platforms. I have used it for a day and I like it, but it feels a little bit buggy.

To mimic conEmu’s multiple pane, I did install the hyper-pane plugin and it works well.

hyper pane plugin

I tried few other plugins as well.

   hyper i hyper-relaxed
   hyper i hyperpower
   hyper i hyper-opacity
   hyper i hyper-search
   hyper i hyper-pane
   hyper i hyper-statusline

The config file for Hyper (.hyper.js) looks something like this once the plugins are installed.

hyper js config