Passionate about technology since 1993 when I wrote my first GW-BASIC program in 10th grade. It was a circle which scrolled across the screen from left to right. I was hooked. I experienced a similar surge of happiness two years ago, when I used hololens at work during a demo, It was an amazing experience.


I have over 19 years of experience in the IT Industry with hands-on experience with a variety of tools and technologies. Work closely with the IT leadership and business partners to ensure alignment of plans (including migration plans and road maps) with what is being delivered (projects).

I have worked for companies of all sizes and have come to appreciate the benefits and IT expectations of each model. Over the years, while working with various companies at different stages, I have incrementally realized the benefit technology brings to businesses. I am fortunate to have been part of the implementation teams to witness the direct impact of technology viz. saving time, cost reduction, increased customer satisfaction, alleviating business risk due to possible worker strike, disaster recovery, improving manual processes due to technology enabled collaboration and automation, easier information access, faster analysis, reduction in user initiated mistakes.

I am a big believer in collaboration tools like wiki for Application Development teams. Transparency and continuous sharing of techniques used for solving issues are highly important for the team and yourself in the long run. My personal experience has taught me that a highly skilled individual’s proficiency level drops over time due to change in the type of work. If an application involves writing your own threadpool then proficiency with multithreading will be high during that time period. After six months interval of not utilizing that technology that same individual would need to put in effort to re-vitalize his memory about the subject. Wiki helps immensely in such situations. Sharing information transparently, helps you and your co-workers to come up with a functional business continuity plan.

My technology focus is in the area of .NET development and architecture. I most often utilize C#, WPF, ASP.NET, SQL Server application stack. New developing interests are blazor/grpc-web/machine-learning


  • Implemented European/Asian multi country multi-factor Barra models supporting custom factor creation.
  • Designed/Implemented an automated security setup process for operations team with added benefit of consolidating knowledge of disparate groups.
  • Setup disaster recovery/ documentation / automated build processes.
  • Created a rules engine which handled one million rules.