Arjun Krishna

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I keep doodling on and off. I am trying to consolidate my doodling on this page. I’ll keep updating this page from my past doodles. I need to find them in my notebooks.

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To The Moon

This is an old doodle from 2012. I had downloaded an app bamboo paper and tried to doodle on it. This image now has a new meaning due to the crypto craze. I call it “To the Moon”.

Rarible NFT - To The Moon

To The Moon #2 - Dark Side Of the Moon

Waiting for Doge Coin to reach the moon - Rarible NFT - ToTheMoon #2 - Dark Side Of the Moon


Ninja Cat - To The Moon

Microsoft has a Ninja Cat meme that we all love. Thought of creating a ninja cat - to the moon file. Microsoft's Ninja Cat - Origin Story .

Rarible NFT - Ninja Cat - To The Moon


Herd Immunity

Looc And Loocee are safe.

Rarible NFT - Herd Immunity


Herd Immunity #2 - GraveYard

Many people will be lost while the world tries to achieve Herd Immunity

Rarible NFT - Herd Immunity 2 - GraveYard


Herd Immunity #3 - Truly immune

Very few people are naturally immune to Corona virus

Rarible NFT - Herd Immunity 3 - Truly Immune


Herd Immunity #4 - Holi Festival celebration during Pandemic

Colorful festival of Holi being celebrated even during a pandemic. Herd Immunity is inevitable, but at what cost?

Rarible NFT - Herd Immunity #4 - Holi Festival celebration during Pandemic


Materialistic Entrapment

This depicts the materialistic world we live in. All colorful. One day I’ll contrast this with star trek explorer mentality as an alternative. Rarible NFT - Materialistic Entrapment


Bob Ross

Bob Ross Happy to see classroom doodlers showcasing their art as NFT

Rarible NFT - Bob Ross Happy


Looc is Happy

Looc’s Happy Face.

Alt Text

Loocee is Happy

Loocee’s Happy Face.

Alt Text

Looc is Angry

Angry Face.

Alt Text

Looc is Happy in Every Situation

Looc is Happy in every situation.

Rarible NFT - Looc is Happy in Every Situation


The Guru

The peaceful guru

Alt Text

The Blogging Universe

This depicts the power, freedom, uncontrolled thoughts put on the blogging universe.

Alt Text


various types of people at a party.

Alt Text



Alt Text


State of mind in a pandemic.

Alt Text

Guess my Name

Branding fail. When awesome things are not presented properly.

Alt Text

The Newborn

New Born with a maternal figure

Alt Text